Electron Labs Positron Testnet Guide!!!

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4 min readFeb 3, 2023

About Electron Labs :

Founded in 2021, Electron Labs is a non-custodial cross chain protocol. They provide the building blocks for a zk-powered web3(fast, scalable, and private). They are powering ZK innovations for decentralized platforms. They developed a library that enables the creation of a zk-snark proof of Ed25519 signatures. Electron Labs has raised $500K. They also received $50K grant from Near Protocol.

About Positron Bridge :

Positron is the first Electron bridge that demonstrates zero-knowledge proofs and on-chain light clients implementations. The bridge is live between Goerli (Ethereum testnet) and the Near testnet. The bridge allows users to deposit “Electron Demo Tokens (EDT)” to a Goerli deposit contract and receive minted tokens on Near testnet.

Positron Testnet officially launched for public on Feb. 2.

Steps To Complete the Testnet :

  1. First of all, switch your MetaMask network to Goerli Testnet and also create a Near testnet wallet. Use this site for Goerli Faucet. For Near faucet, use this site.

2. Go to positron.electronlabs.org/ and connect your Near and Ethereum Wallets from the top right corner.

3. Now, go to the faucet tab and click on Get EDT Tokens. You’ll have to make a tweet. Click on tweet button and post your tweet. Next copy the tweet link and post it in the box given and click verify. After that click on Transfer to receive your tokens.

4. Now, go back to Transfer tab and select Goerli in Send From and Near in Receive On. Enter the amount of EDT tokens you want to send. You can fill the Near address manually or just click on Autofill option to autofill the connected Near test wallet. Next, click on Approve Assests button and confirm it in your wallet.

5. Now, click on the Transfer button and confirm the transaction in your wallet to initiate a cross-chain transfer from Goerli to Near.

6. After the transaction is successful, a few more steps are performed for the finalization. You don’t have to do anything. Wait for 20–30 Mins (or probably more that that) for it to be completed then you can view your EDT balance in your Near test wallet.

It took nearly 14 Hours to finalize the transaction. Just initiate the transaction and come back later to complete the next part.

7. Next, let’s send EDT from Near to Goerli. You can do this after you receive EDT in Near wallet. Let’s transfer them back to Goerli. Select Near in Send From and Goerli in Send To. Enter the amount that you have have and want to bridge back. Click on Autofill or enter address manually. Next, click on Transfer and approve transaction.

8. Wait again for the transaction to be finalized.

9. You can join their discord server from here and provide feedback.

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