Fibrous Testnet Is Live (StarkNet)

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2 min readSep 10, 2022


What Is Fibrous?

Fibrous is a price exploration and routing algorithm across multiple AMMs that offers token exchanges with the best and cheapest rate at StarkNet validity Rollup.

Fibrous Roadmap

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How to participate in Fibrous Testnet ??


In order to connect our wallet, we have 2 choices. Connect it to Argent X or Braavos. You can choose the wallet you preferer but in this tutorial I will use only Argent X since It is our favorite wallet.

install Argent X extension.

Link For Google Chrome / Brave:

Create a New wallet and create a new password.

You have to wait until the Deploy Wallet function is done and congratulations you just finished creating your wallet.

You will need some testnet ETH, you can add easily by Faucet or bridge from L1 to L2.



  • Connect with Argent X Wallet (Goerli Testnet Network)
  • Click “Mint” button and approve transaction.

Note: It’ll take around 5 to 10 minutes to arrive test tokens.

Now, Swap Tokens

  • Select token
  • Enter amount
  • Click “Swap” button and approve transaction.

Do more and more swap between different tokens (At-least 20 transactions !?)

That’s it, All Tasks DONE :)

Fibrous Socials:

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