Liquidswap and Pontem Testnet on Aptos — Potential Airdrop

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2 min readSep 13, 2022

Firstly, Setup Your Pontem Wallet

Set up a new wallet even if you have the old Pontem wallet since the extension has been updated.

Download the Pontem Aptos or AptosMask Wallet:

  • Create a Wallet
  • Set a Password
  • Save Phrase in a safe place
  • Claim APTOS from the faucet

1. Get Test Tokens

Head to:

  • Connect with Pontem Wallet
  • Click on the “Request Coins” button to claim the test tokens.

2. Make Some Swaps

  • Swap from BTC to APTOS and other tokens.
  • Swap other tokens as well.

3. Add Liquidity

  • Go to the Pools page, and add liquidity for different pairs.

4. Burn Liquidity

  • Go to the “Burn” page
  • Select LP tokens
  • Enter the amount
  • Click on “Burn Liquidity”

5. Provide feedback

You’re done. You may do the testnet a couple more times to increase your chances for the airdrop.

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