Raise Finance testnet is live on ZkSync 2.0. AIRDROP ??

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3 min readAug 25, 2022

What is Raise Finance?

Raise Finance is a platform for decentralized fundraising(launchpad), payments, and investments, built on ZkSync 2.0.

Reward for performing testnet??

There is no official announcement about reward for doing testnets, so waste your time at your own risk.

How to participate on Raise Finance Testnet ??

Step 1. Get some free Goerli ETH

To start things off, as the ZkSync 2.0. testnet is running on the Goerli network, you will need to get some free Goerli ETH first for gas.

Step 2. After receiving Goerli ETH

Head to https://portal.zksync.io and connect your wallet. You will automatically be asked to add the “zkSync 2.0 testnet Goerli” network.


You may also add the network manually to your metamask.

After that.

Go to Bridge then “Deposit” to deposit some from $ETH Goerli to zkSync Goerli. These bridged-free ZkETH tokens will be used for gas fees. Don’t bridge all tokens.

Step 3.

Time to populate(top up) your wallet with RFI test tokens.

1. Copy your address in your Metamask wallet:

2. Join Discord if you haven’t already.

3. Request/Mint RFI test tokens by using the below-mentioned command in the #🛠-testnet-faucet channel on Discord. You can mint several times (Every Hour).

/mint (and insert your address in the box)

Test token address (CA)


Step 4:

Go to Link: https://test.raisefinance.io

  • Connect with zkSync testnet wallet
  • Click “Stake” Button

Divide your total RISE tokens into 4 parts and lock in every months category.

Like: if you have 100 RISE Tokens, Then lock your 25 tokens for 1M, 25 tokens for 3M, 25 tokens for 6M and 25 tokens for 1Y.

After staking your tokens, Go back and claim earned rewards.

Please wait few hour before claiming to earn reward at-least worth of claiming.

Now stake your claimed rewards.

That’s it, Done :)

Raise Finance Socials:

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