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3 min readAug 29, 2022

What is Skiff?

Skiff is a fully end-to-end encrypted and decentralized collaboration platform. Whether you are working alone or with your team, you can create: documents, notes, wikis, and more. Skiff has a lot of other cool features like: comments, markdown support, tables, file storage and embeds. Skiff builds in privacy from the ground up but we also have everything you want and expect in a collaboration platform.

At the moment, we can create an anonymous mail for ourselves using our MetaMask. Most recently, the project received $10.5 million from the most successful fund Sequoia Capital

What matters is the project team:

Top Manager of Signal Messenger, Top Manager of CoinBase, Growth Manager of The New York Times, Member of the Ethereum Foundation, CEO of the Mozilla Browser, and many others.


With a high probability, for using the mail functions, early users will claim a retrodrop of possible project tokens.

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Steps To Follow:

Go To Link:

Click “Sign up” button.

Create your new e-mail and click “Next” button.

Make a strong password and click “Next” button.

Set-up recovery method.
• Enter any of your E-mail for backup.
Copy key and save at any safe place.
• Or you can download your Key PDF by clicking on “Download key only” button.

Click “Next” button when you’re done.

Now, Click “Settings” button
• Select @Aliases senction
• Connect your wallet using Metamask (I used BSC network)

That’s It, Done :)

What are Skiff Credits and how do they work?

Skiff Credits are dollar-denominated credits which you can use to purchase a Skiff Pro plan. There are currently three ways for you to earn Skiff Credits at the moment. You can invite friends to sign up for Skiff, you can import documents from Google Docs, or you can download and log in to Skiff on the iOS mobile app.

Where can I see my credits?

You can pop over to the settings page and check how many credits you’ve earned anytime.

What can I use my credits for?

Once you’ve saved up some Skiff Credits, you can apply them to a new (or existing) Pro subscription. Pro subscriptions unlock the full power of Skiff, with additional storage capacity, decentralized file storage, full text search, and more.

Invite your friends and get a premium subscription for a year for this, as I understand it, you need to invite at least 10 people. In the settings in the “Earn credit” section, you can take your referral.

Skiff Socials:

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