Velas Name Service: Early Potential Airdrop

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3 min readAug 26, 2022

Take a step into the future, and reserve your unique, secure, decentralized Web3 name. Coming soon, on Velas blockchain.


  • Easy to share: Forget about 42 random characters long addresses, share your shortened name instead, such as nick.vlx, or alice.dapp !
  • Easier transactions: Don’t hesitate between the native address, or the evm compatible address; enter the Velas name, and the right address will be selected for you !
  • Unified naming: You won’t be recognized as the guy with the address beginning with 0xe2cf anymore, but rather recognized by a name you really chose, for every service you use !
  • Your Web3 identity: Setup a profile picture, show links on your profile, social network accounts, create decentralized website… It’s your name, you control.
  • Unlimited subdomains: Create as many subdomains as you which, and control them however you want ! Give one to your friend, store your secondary account addresses on another…
  • ERC-721 standards: The domain names are ERC-721 compliant, which means that you are able to trade them as easily as you would with regular NFTs

Stay tuned. Coming soon on Velas blockchain.

The feature is a Twitter signature that connects your wallet to your Twitter account. This way, we can identify early users for rewards, discounts, token airdrops, etc.

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Steps To Follow:

STEP1: Add Velas Network RPC in your metamask wallet.

Or you can add Velas Network RPC directly via Chainlist, Just connect wallet and click “Add-To-Metamask




Connect with your Velas network wallet via Metamask.

Click “Begin” button

Enter your twitter username without “@”.

Click on “SET TWITTER USERNAME” button

Click “SIGN MESSAGE” button and sign txn via metamask to prove your Identity. (No fees needed)

Click “TWEET SIGNATURE” and post on twitter to prove the account ownership. (Keep your Twitter account login in same browser)

After doing Tweet, Click “VERIFY” button.

Congratulations, YOUR TWITTER ACCOUNT AND ADDRESS ARE NOW LINKED. You’re now a early bird, you’re eligible for future event/reward.

That’s it :)

Thank You For Reading, I Hope You Loved It.

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